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Reflections and lessons learned from the Hull Truth Poverty Commission

On Monday 8 July 2024 a unique gathering of policymakers and those with lived experience of poverty came together to reflect on a shared journey of change and celebrate progress made.

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Dr Peter Mukarumbwa

Dr. Peter Mukarumbwa is the Y-PERN Policy Fellow for West Yorkshire, helping to enhance the contribution of academic research to support evidence-based policymaking across the region.

Enhancing the Student Civic Experience: A Roadmap to Empower Students

Universities across the UK should embed a ‘truly civic’ approach that equips all students as lifelong active citizens through formal learning, campus activities, and community engagement, according to a new report jointly produced by the Civic University Network and the UPP Foundation.

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Pratichi Chatterjee

Dr Pratichi Chatterjee is Y-PERN Policy Fellow for West Yorkshire (based at the University of Huddersfield) and facilitates engagement between academics, policymakers and the community around housing in the region.

Kersten England CBE joins Y-PERN

With her wealth of experience in local government leadership, Kersten will help to convene academic-policy engagement networks and co-steer Y-PERN’s strategic direction more broadly.

Reflecting on the local elections: a Y-PERN perspective

Y-PERN’s Chief Policy Fellow, Dr Andy Mycock reflects on the mayoral and local election results in Yorkshire and the Humber and what it could mean for Y-PERN and YPIP’s ongoing mission.

Opportunity: Y-PERN Policy Fellow role

Y-PERN is recruiting a new Policy Fellow based at the University of Bradford’s School of Management to become a key part of our team changing the way academics and policy makers collaborate.

Climate Talking Points on the agenda for Yorkshire and the Humber

In an election year in which climate policies are a key issue, the Yorkshire & Humber Climate Commission (a Y-PERN partner) is helping voters to cut through the noise.
Members of the YPIP team

Making a difference on inclusive growth and sustainability: YPIP launches

Reflecting on the recent launch of the Yorkshire and Humber Policy Innovation Partnership (YPIP)–  funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) as part of the wider Local Policy Innovation Partnerships (LPIPs) programme to address regional inequalities around the UK.
White Paper Cover

Key report sets out plan to tackle regional health inequalities

Devolving health powers and investment to local areas is key to tackling health and economic inequalities between Yorkshire and other parts of the UK, according to the findings of a new white paper.

Trailblazing Yorkshire Based Project Linking Academics With Policymakers And Communities Awarded £5m Funding

A trailblazing Yorkshire-based project, which includes a new data portal giving communities vital information, and major climate change initiative, has secured £5m funding.

Introducing Y-PERN Joint Policy Fellows Elizabeth Sanderson and Jamie Redman

Elizabeth Sanderson and Dr Jamie Redman are joint Policy Fellows for South Yorkshire, responsible for connecting academic research and policymaking in the sub-region.
Photo of Y-PERN policy fellow Juan Pablo Winter

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Juan Pablo Winter

Juan is Y-PERN Policy Fellow for Hull, East Yorkshire & the Humber, and facilitates academic policy and community engagement in the region

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Chau M. Chu

Dr Chau M. Chu is the Policy Fellow for West Yorkshire and provides data and quantitative analyses for West Yorkshire Combined Authority to support the delivery of strategic local plans.

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Rebecca Kerr – York & North Yorkshire

Dr Rebecca Kerr is Y-PERN Policy Fellow for York and North Yorkshire, helping to foster relationships between the new combined mayoral authority and academics, with a particular focus on understanding challenges and barriers faced by female entrepreneurs in the sub-region.

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Tom Haines-Doran – West Yorkshire

Dr Tom Haines-Doran is Y-PERN Policy Fellow for West Yorkshire, helping to foster relationships between the combined mayoral authority and academics, with particular research interests in the informal economy, future of work and childcare.

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Neil Barnett – Yorkshire & the Humber

Neil Barnett is Y-PERN Policy Fellow for Yorkshire & Humber Councils, helping local policy-makers negotiate an increasingly complex set of governing arrangements around the devolution agenda.
Picture of a cliff on the Bridlington coast on a sunny day. Kayaker underneath.

Coastal communities at the heart of research

The University of Hull’s commitment to working with, and to the benefit of, local and coastal communities continues with new projects bringing creative community engagement to people in Skipsea and Cowden.

Introducing Y-PERN Policy Fellow Dan Olner – South Yorkshire

Dr Dan Olner is Y-PERN Policy Fellow for South Yorkshire, helping to foster relationships between the combined mayoral authority and academics, with particular research interests in spatial economics.
Chief Policy Fellow Andy Mycock

Introducing The Y-PERN Chief Policy Fellow – Andy Mycock

Dr Andy Mycock is Y-PERN Chief Policy Fellow, providing overall strategic leadership of the programme and coordination of the team of Y-PERN policy fellows across the region.

The Final Piece Of The Devolution Jigsaw – Hull & East Yorkshire

Last Wednesday’s Autumn Statement saw the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, and the Treasury, publish a raft of documents that introduced new interventions designed to boost growth, or to report on complex policy challenges where the Government had commissioned research to investigate or had sought external advice.