Y-PERN Areas

Find out more about our specific areas of work across Yorkshire & the Humber.

Y-PERN sub-regions

South Yorkshire

York & North Yorkshire

Hull, East Yorkshire & the Humber

West Yorkshire

Yorkshire & Humber wide activities

Y-PERN supports activity both within the region’s four sub-regions and across the region.

Regional briefings

Regional briefings will bring policy makers, researchers and community organisations together to discuss issues with a Yorkshire & Humber wide focus.

Areas of Research Interest

Working with Yorkshire & Humber Councils, Y-PERN will explore and pilot structures to support Areas of Research Interest for the region.

Policy Innovation Partnerships

Y-PERN will support policy innovation partnerships across the region to empower community voices in local policy making. Funded through UKRI, Yorkshire Policy Innovation Partnerships will focus on inclusive and sustainable growth.

Community engagement

Exploring models across the region

Y-PERN will explore best practice models for university-policy-community engagement across the region. It will do this by exploring the ‘Community Engagement Journey’ – in which scenarios is it best for communities to lead, to be involved or to be informed. Y-PERN will also help identify hot and cold spots of engagement, explore how best to navigate the complex multi-level policy making processes in the region, and shine a light on more sustainable forms of university-policy-community engagement.

Training and Capacity

Y-PERN will support in the development of portfolio of training resources for partners across the region. This will include identifying specific training needs in the context of academic policy engagement with local policy partners. This will specifically focus on policy officers, policy professionals and university knowledge exchange teams.

Regional networks

Y-PERN celebrates the rich and diverse range of academic policy engagement networks in the region. By working together, we hope to avoid duplication, share learning and provide opportunities for scaling up successes.

You can find out more about these networks on the below link.