Introducing Y-PERN Joint Policy Fellows Elizabeth Sanderson and Jamie Redman

Elizabeth Sanderson and Dr Jamie Redman are joint Policy Fellows for South Yorkshire, responsible for connecting academic research and policymaking in the sub-region.

As the Y-PERN Policy Fellows for South Yorkshire, Elizabeth and Jamie are responsible for…

Connecting academic research and policymaking in South Yorkshire. Specifically, Elizabeth and Jamie are responsible for developing relationships between the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) and the academic community. This includes providing evidence to support SYMCA priorities and offering critical challenge.

Elizabeth and Jamie are most looking forward to…

Deepening the relationship between SYMCA and Sheffield’s two universities by working together to create a programme of joint institutional activities. In particular, they are looking forward to running a series of monthly policy forums where academics and policymakers can come together to discuss ideas and policy priorities.

Key areas of focus for Elizabeth and Jamie are…

Elizabeth and Jamie have been actively involved in supporting the development of SYMCA’s current Skills Strategy and Plan for Growth.

This work has involved providing SYMCA with rapid evidence reviews, briefing on skills and labour market ecosystems and the support available for inactive populations in South Yorkshire, and contributing to policy workshops. Work will continue on deepening SYMCA knowledge around skills and growth, using multiple methods including rapid reviews and data analysis. As the Skills Strategy and Plan for Growth move towards publication, support is likely to turn to considerations around monitoring and evaluation.

Coproduced policy forums will commence in February 2024 and continue throughout the year. Further events are also being planned, including external facing activities.

Elizabeth joins us with a background in..

Policy research and evaluation. Elizabeth has over a decade of applied research experience and has worked across a variety of projects for numerous clients including voluntary and community sector organisations, councils, and government organisations. She has considerable experience in project and programme evaluation and the development of monitoring and data collection systems and tools. A significant proportion of the projects Elizabeth has worked on have been in the areas of welfare, labour markets and employment.

Jamie joins us with a background in..

Sociology and social policy. Jamie has undertaken several applied research projects, which include evaluations of health-focused employment services, new social housing solutions and homelessness and rough sleeping interventions. His research interests converge around welfare reform, employment services, labour markets, poverty and unemployment.