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The relationship between policymaking and research: How it works (sometimes)

This blog follows a discussion between Y-PERN Policy Fellows and Alice Rubbra, an officer of South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, on how research can translate into policy development and delivery.

The Labour Government, the King’s Speech and a new path to devolution?

The new Government’s plans for English devolution are rightly ambitious, but important questions remain and more consideration should be given to the whole picture of sub-national governance and the role of local government in it – argue Y-PERN Policy Fellow Dr Neil Barnett (Leeds Beckett University) and Paul Hayes, Senior Policy Engagement Fellow at Leeds … Read more

Reflecting on the voices of female entrepreneurs in shaping policy for York & North Yorkshire and beyond

Dr Rebecca Kerr, Y-PERN Policy Fellow (York & North Yorkshire) takes a look at place-based approaches to supporting female entrepreneurship.

New forum to strengthen glue between South Yorkshire policymakers, academics & others

In this blog, Y-PERN Policy Fellow Dr Dan Olner reflects on the launch of a new forum linking South Yorkshire policymakers, academics and other organisations – with the first session focused on alternative approaches to urban economic development.

What does it mean to be an economist?

Economics is sometimes still seen as being the preserve of an exclusive group of specialist experts; but to address the complex challenges society faces, we must draw in a wider, more diverse range of perspectives into the space – argue members of the Y-PERN team, including Tom Haines-Doran, Rebecca Kerr, Jamie Morgan and Andrew Brown.

Hull & East Yorkshire Devolution: From consultation to relational engagement, action and change

Y-PERN Policy Fellow Dr Juan Pablo Winter and University of Hull colleague Dr Gill Hughes argue that devolution for Hull and East Riding presents a chance to engage communities differently – whether on flooding and coastal erosion or tackling poverty.

Y-PERN Briefing Note: What can we learn from the international evidence on devolution? 

In this briefing, Dr Neil Barnett (Y-PERN Policy Fellow for Yorkshire & Humber Councils) takes a broad look at the international trend towards devolving powers to regions and the evidence for its overall benefit.

Understanding alternative approaches to regional economic development in Yorkshire & the Humber

The best way approach to regional economic development is still a matter for debate and research, says Dr Richard Crisp from the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) at Sheffield Hallam University.

Tougher benefit sanctions: another bout of policy amnesia?

The government’s recent ‘Back to Work’ plan is discussed and critiqued in light of the available evidence by Y-PERN Policy Fellow Dr Jamie Redman alongside fellow Sheffield Hallam University colleagues Dr Richard Crisp and Dr Elizabeth Sanderson.

The shape of things to come or mere months to something different?

Significant economic challenges will face whichever party wins the next general election regardless of when it is held, says Professor Jamie Morgan, Y-PERN Academic Lead for Leeds Beckett University.

The challenges of the 2023 Autumn Statement

Dismal productivity, crumbling infrastructure and lack of inward investment are some of the key challenges facing the UK economy at a national and regional level, says Dr Peter O’Brien, Y-PERN Policy Director and Executive Director of Yorkshire Universities.

Sharing power for meaningful and sustainable change 

Dr Juan Pablo Winter, Y-PERN Policy Fellow (Hull & East Yorkshire), and team invited policymakers, academics and people with lived experience to reflect on their role and examine underlying assumptions. 

Good Work in the South Yorkshire economy

Against a national rise in low quality work, Y-PERN Policy Fellows Elizabeth Sanderson and Dr Jamie Redman set out an agenda to both investigate and improve job quality in South Yorkshire.
Picture of a cliff at Bridlington surrounded by ocean on a sunny day.

We need to think (and act) in the interests of both the short and the long-term

To tackle the immediate problems of today, as well as considering future opportunities, we need accurate information, data and ideas, says Dr Peter O’Brien, Y-PERN Policy Director and Executive Director of Yorkshire Universities.

For the public purpose? Local authorities and municipal entrepreneurship

While some local authorities have been derided for risky investments gone bad, some have also displayed remarkable innovative capacity in generating alternative revenue streams, says Y-PERN Policy Fellow Dr Neil Barnett.